About community councils

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Community Councils

Community councils are voluntary bodies which exist within a statutory framework and which have been granted statutory rights of consultation.

The general purpose of a community council is to ascertain, co-ordinate and express the wider views of the entire community within its agreed boundaries. They can complement the role of the local authority but are not part of local government.

Recognised community councils, unlike other community organisations, are included in the consultation process for all planning applications.They have the right to receive copies of applications and will be recognised as competent bodies to make representations regarding applications.

Community councils are not included in the formal consultation process for liquor licence applications, but are recognised as competent bodies to make comments on them, and they may also be consulted on general licensing matters.

Community councils may also undertake other functions within the terms of their own constitution.

It is the responsibility of a community council to satisfy the City Council that they have taken positive steps to ascertain the views of the wider community within their area, before making representations on any matter, on behalf of the community.

To assist community councils, their members and prospective members, a summary of their general rights is listed below. A more detailed explanation of these is contained within the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils .

A Community Council which conforms fully to the Scheme has rights:

  • to be consulted, and to make representations about planning applications;
  • to be recognised as a competent body to comment on licensing applications;
  • to seek information and assistance from Glasgow City Council;
  • to receive an annual administration allowance (see clause 8a of the Scheme)
  • to be recognised as an appropriate body to apply for other Glasgow City Council funding;

A Community Council’s responsibilities include:

  • to conform to the requirements of the Scheme, Constitution and associated documentation;
  • to be representative of all sectors of the community within their area;
  • to conduct a minimum number of meetings each year;
  • to produce and distribute minutes of every meeting of the community council;
  • to annually prepare and publish an audited financial statement and inventory;
  • to hold elections for membership to the community council in liaison with Glasgow City Council;
  • to advertise throughout its area, in advance, all of its meetings;
  • to identify effective consultation methods which enable effective engagement with the community
  • on issues of significant public interest, and be able to provide evidence of these methods to Glasgow City Council