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    thenue-1Thenue Investment & Current Estate and Community Activities in Calton

    History of Thenue in Calton

    In 1995 Thenue acquired all the stock that had been owned by Scottish Homes in Calton. This stock was made up of:

    • 1930s three storey tenements which had been transferred from Glasgow City Council to Scottish Special Housing Association(SSHA) in the 1970s
    • A number of different developments built during the 1980s on sites that had been cleared under slum clearance programmes of the 1960s and 70s. These brick built developments provided a range of house types from family housing to specially designed sheltered housing.
    • 19th Century tenement properties including a listed building on Gallowgate

    Since 1995 Thenue has continued to invest in the stock in Calton through its planned and cyclical programmes of work. Planned Works have included:

    • Replacement of back boiler partial heating systems with whole house  modern efficient boilers
    • New kitchen and bathroom programmes with rewiring as required
    • Remodelling of backcourt areas to address long standing problems with rubbish containment

    These programmes have ensured that the stock in Calton met the Scottish Housing Quality Standard by March 2015 and investment programmes continue to ensure that it will continue to meet this standard.

    Thenue is currently carrying a programme of installing External Wall Insulation to 102 of the 1930s properties and a further phase of this work is out to tender for a start in 2017  to complete all the inter-war properties in Calton. This will ensure that the thermal efficiency of the properties is increased which will mean increased comfort and better fuel efficiency for all residents. Owners costs are being met with grant assistance through the HEEPS programme but Thenue will invest some £2.3million to ensure that the properties meet the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing.

    Thenue New Build Housing Developments:

    Thenue have completed a number of new build developments in Calton.  At  London Rd near Glasgow Cross on the site of a former  Salvation Army hostel building, and at the corner of Stevenson St/Green St the site of a  disused laundry building.

    When Glasgow won the designation of City of Architecture and Design 1999,Thenue was asked to develop the site at  Greenhead  St/Charlotte St as part of the Homes for the Future development which was the main showcase for 1999. The original proposal had been to develop the gap site at Monteith Row/London Rd opposite  St Alphonse’s Church but this had been ruled out on cost grounds.

    The development of the vacant site at Green St/London Rd  was given support by the Council in 2006/7, various issues with land ownership were eventually resolve in 2010 when the works went onto site. This was a £10 million development and included the long sought after community centre which was Lottery Funded. This was completed in 2012.

    In 2007 Thenue acquired  the property at 14 Monteith Row and since that date we have been working to develop this building and the vacant ground adjoining the building. This development has been a long process since the ownership of parts of the sites was not clear. The Council had to promote a Compulsory Purchase Order over the site which was confirmed in November 2016 and the site was then transferred to Thenue in January 2017. The project is currently out to tender but is estimated to cost £10million. It will be for mainstream housing apart from 12 flats where Thenue will provide a Retirement Housing Service to Older People.

    Thenue with support from GCC commissioned 3 Feasibility Studies in 2015 covering the following sites:

    • Abercromby St/Tobago St between Stevenson St and London Rd
    • Tureen St Schools
    • St James School and associated land between Stevenson ST and London Rd.

    In 2016 Thenue acquired the site bounded by Drake St/ Abercromby St/Tobago St and will begin to work up plans for the redevelopment of the site in 2017.

    Estate Management

    Thenue are also very much aware that investment in our existing and in new homes in the area is not enough and that effective management of the neighbourhood is equally important. For that reason we are currently working closely with Police Scotland, Community Safety Glasgow and various City Council Departments to tackle Drug Dealing in the area. We hope to advise the local community shortly of progress that this more effective coordinated approach is making in ensuring this criminal and anti-social behaviour is significantly reduced.

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