meeting of 09/02/2017



Notes of meeting for Thursday 9th February 2017


Venue – Calton Heritage and Learning Centre


Present – Derek Quinn (DQ) (Chair), Mary Campbell (Vice Chair), Kitty Chalmers, Betty Cosgrove, Robert McLeish, Cathie Martin, Charlotte Levy


Apologies – Pauline Casey (Secretary), Mary McPherson (Treasurer)


Attending – G Hepburn (GH) (SNP Councillor), Lorraine McLaren (Green Party), Elaine Davis (Fans of Barrowlands park)


Agenda items-


  1. Welcome:

Chairman DQ Quinn opened the meeting at 6pm welcoming everyone in attendance.


  1. Proposal if Minutes of previous meeting of 06/12/2016:


Cathie Martin proposed these and Kitty Chalmers seconded the minutes.


Communication between the Council and the Chair: DQ highlighted that the Community Council website had been updated and that due to an error with addresses, there had been some difficulty in receiving communications and planning applications from the Council. This has now been resolved.


2.1 Correction:


  1. Cathie Martin (Community Councilor)


Will not be standing down from as a Community Councillor as previously intimated by Cathie at the December meeting.  Cathie will remain as a Community Councillor and this was noted.


  1. Mary Macpherson (Treasurer)


In Mary’s absence Cathie Martin reported that Mary Macpherson will not stand down as Treasurer as previously thought.  Cathie explained that Mary wants to retain that office.  In Mary’s absence, this was noted but see item 7.


  1. Police Scotland report:

Police Scotland was not in attendance. Action Point 1




  1. Councillors Report


GH updated the meeting on discussions with City Markets possibly setting up a Farmers market in the Barrowlands park. Permission for this needs to be granted and there have been some discussions on how to keep costs as low as possible to encourage vendors and the public to attend.


Lorraine has invited GH to a meeting for the Fans of Barrowlands park who are arranging for the local community to assist in cleaning the Album path on the 8th April, a water trough has been arranged for that day and has been provided by the Parks dept.


GH also informed the group of an initiative that the Police are doing with disadvantaged individuals, this is looking at developing individual awareness and skills in food hygiene.


Other local issues that GH has been considering are as follows –


4.1 Abercrombie Cemetery


Issues of overgrown trees, these have been trimmed back as they were becoming a hazard to individuals. There are various locations that may need this type of work carried out, GH asked that people contact him to let him know where this work is needed.


4.2 Street lighting


GH has done an audit and reported various lights that are not working, all lights on Tobago street has been fixed. GH has identified that not all street lights have the number on them to identify each one but has raised this with the Council. Mill road Drive has several lights that require attention. Could people inform GH if they identify any issues.  ACTION POINT 2


4.3 Demolition of disused Building in Stevenson Street


GH has raised this as it would seem to be unsafe and it was understood this was to be demolished. It’s now unclear when this will be done. GH will take this up with City Council .  ACTION POINT 3


4.4 Potholes


Several complaints have been raised at various locations, The Council has a statutory responsibility to repair these within a specific timescale though what seems to be happening is that there is a temp repair to meet these timescales and then a proper fix is done later. Issues on Tobago street with building works being done and lorries are causing some damage to the roads. GH will inform the Council that this is an issue and highlight the need for repair in the future once the building work has been completed. ACTION POINT 4




4.5 Barrack Street / Sydney Street


GH has requested that the double yellow lines from one side of the road behind Morrison’s to be removed to allow additional parking but this has been refused by the Council.


4.6 Traffic flow Parkhead retail park


It has been identified that a new road would assist in the traffic flow around this area though this will be dependent on resources.


4.7 Damaged pavements at the Community Flat in Stevenson Street


This has been reported.


4.8 Parking in the Calton Area


This is becoming a major issue due to workers in the city center using the side streets in Calton for parking. This is causing congestion and an inconvenience to the local community. GH has requested support from Calton Community Council and Calton Area Association to participate in a walk round to identify affected areas. Kitty Chalmers & Cathie Martin agreed to accompany Greg on this. ACTION POINT 5


4.9 Three-day music event in Glasgow Green (see website for details)


GH attending a meeting on the 28/02/2017. A temporary entertainment license has been awarded. The organizers would like to involve various stakeholders as well as the elected members of the Council and LES. GH clarified that there would be no camping and it is not planned to be happening on a yearly basis.


Discussion took place highlighting the need and the benefits of directing people through and around the Barras to attract people to use the services in Calton.


Betty had requested that any evaluation of that weekend should take place as soon as possible after the event and to involve the local community in any feedback. GH will provide feedback from the meeting on the 28th. ACTION POINT 6


Some further discussion on inconvenience and disruption when Glasgow green is used for big events.


  1. MP/MSP Reports


There was no MSP or MP in attendance, Parliamentary Patter newsletter circulated from John Mason MSP.

  1. Invited Guest Speaker.


David Cairns was unable to attend though DQ provided an update on the plans for David to open a local café promoting health food. David is looking for ideas from the local community as to what types of food would be served and any other ideas that David could assist with in this venture. He will attend the meeting in March 2017. DQ to confirm this. ACTION POINT 7


  1. Treasurers report.


Mary Macpherson passed on her apologies for this meeting through Cathie Martin.


DQ explained that the community council accounts for the accounting period ended 31/08/2016 were still outstanding and the City Council will not pay out the 2017 Admin allowance until that is done.  Cathie thought this had been done and will get Mary to give assurance this has happened. In any event the accounts must be presented to the community council and approved by the Chair prior to submission to the City Council. If that has not been done, they will be returned.


It is important the accounts are presented at the right time to avoid delay on getting any grants. A treasure’s report must be reported on at each meeting and recorded in the Notes of each meeting. The City Council expect this to be done as they get copies of the Notes of meetings


Subject to the Treasure’s confirmation later that the accounts have already been audited and submitted to the City Council the Chair accepted the Treasurer’s report in her absence.


DQ to conform position with Mary Macpherson ACTION POINT 8


  1. Secretaries report


Pauline Casey is on holiday and passed on her apologies for this meeting.


  1. Correspondence


Planning applications:


All on CCC website and no objections to the following.


  • Carnival rides in Glasgow Green March/ April


  • McIver Ltd – Barras opening times in Dec 2017


  • St Luke’s – Variation of License for events




  1. Update on what’s happening locally.


9.1 Thenue Housing association


Is already developing several sites within the Calton Area and an interest in possibly developing two more sites in Calton (St James’ and Tureen Street Schools). DQ has asked Thenue for an update on current and future developments within the area for publishing on the CCC website. DQ will take this forward with Brian Gannon, Head of Housing at Thenue. ACTION POINT 9


9.2 Drug use/ Needles


DQ informed the meeting that he had been out with the Police and reps from Thenue driving around the wider Calton and looking at the areas that are affected by antisocial behavior and needles / syringes in the streets.


The police have done an audit and identified areas that will be targeted for a clean-up as a priority. GH has also got statistics on the use of needle exchanges in the area which demonstrates that the numbers of needles that are handed out do not match the needles returned.


9.3 Celtic park – no parking zone


GH discussed match street parking at Parkhead and the impact of the no parking zone. Everyone agreed that the no park zone must also consider Calton. GH attending a meeting on the 16/02/17 and will discuss our request for this to include Calton. ACTION POINT 10


10: Other Community Council Matters.


10.1 Feedback from Calton Area Partnership


Mary Macpherson is the CCC representative at these meetings with Kitty Chalmers the Deputy. It’s important feedback is given at CCC monthly meetings so the Committee is aware of what’s discussed that affects the area.


DQ will put Agendas and Notes of meeting onto CCC website and the CCC representatives can talk to these at the next CCC meeting


10.2 Grants from Spirit of Calton Foundation


Lodging House Mission (LHM) in East Campbell Street.


The LHM run a winter programme where they have men stay overnight. This runs from 01/12/2016 to 31/03/17. The CCC asked how they could help and were told that men’s underwear was badly needed.


CCC applied for a Grant of £250 and arranged with Morrison’s Gallowgate to buy for the Mission to provide means underwear, this was matched by Morrison’s who provided socks to the same value.


DQ also arranged to get donations from HM Revenue & Customs in Cochrane Street, Glasgow and was successful in getting 8 crates of socks, hats, scarves, winter clothing in addition to over 50 selection boxes and sweets.  They also donated two huge Clootie Dumplings that were enjoyed by the LHS users on Christmas Day


Older Persons Christmas Lunch


CCC were successful in applying for and getting a £2000 grant to hold an older person (55+) Christmas lunch for Calton Residents and was held in the Masonic Hall in Stevenson Street. This was our first attempt and while there are some things we’d be better or differently next time there was a lot of really positive feedback.


CCC is very grateful to those that supported the event:


  • David Cairns for the catering.


  • Morrison’s Gallowgate for the very generous raffle prizes


  • Tesco’s for tea, coffee and shortbread


  • Glasgow Collective for the numerous raffles prizes


  • Barra Trust for a generous cash donation


and members of the local community who gave their time and raffle prizes


10.3 Lightburn Hospital


Charlotte Levy raised her concerns about the potential closure, as this has now been the third time that the hospital has been threatened with this. There doesn’t seem to be any petition or options to voice concern. The Community Council can look at setting up a meeting with Councillors, MPs and MSPs and other relevant parties. DQ will contact the NHS re the consultation as well as the Community health and care partnership. Charlotte Levy is happy to represent the CCC on this issue ACTION POINT 11


10.4 Further Grants


DQ asked everyone to think about income and funding uses e.g. grants / Spirit of Calton awards. ACTION POINT 12





10.5 Elcho Gardens Project


There are issues with dog fouling due to the gates having to be left unlocked. Grants will be looked at for the purchase of equipment and there will be plans drawn up for the Spring. There’s a meeting planned for Wednesday 15/02/2017 in Calton Heritage Learning Centre with the idea to form a working group and take this project forward. DQ will attend this event in a personal capacity and feedback at the March meeting  ACTION POINT 13


  1. Date and time of next meeting.


Thursday 9th March 2017 at 6pm at the Calton Heritage and Learning Centre.


Minutes prepared by Robert McLeish from Notes taken at the meeting




List of action points from this meeting


Action Point Brief Description Responsible Deadline Date discharged
1 To find out why no Police attendance and no apologies submitted and if they plan to attend future meetings PC Immediate  
2 Street Lighting  – all problems resolved  – or any other lighting issues GH / All Immediate  
3 Update on derelict building on Stevenson street GH Immediate  
4 Pot Holes  – confirmation city council notified GH Immediate  
5 KC/CM/GH to arrange walkabout re parking issues and report back KC/ CM / GH asap  
6 Feedback on meeting of 28/02 on 3 day event GH After 28/02/17  
7 DQ to confirm attendance of David Cairns at March  CCC meeting DQ / PC Immediate  
8 DQ / MM to confirm position re annual accounts DQ / MM Immediate  
9 Update from Thenue Housing DQ    
10 Celtic park – no parking zone  Update GH Before 09/03/17  
11 DQ to contact NHS DQ/CL By 09/03/17  
12 Committee to think about future projects All By 09/03/17  
13 Feedback on Elcho gardens project DQ / BC By 09/03/17