• Calton Comunity Council – Draft Notes of meeting of 09/03/2017 meeting

    meeting-notesCalton Community Council


    Notes of meeting for 9th March 2017


    Venue – Calton Heritage and Learning Centre

    Present – Derek Quinn (DC) (Chair), Mary McPherson (Treasurer), Cathie Martin, Pauline Casey  (Secretary), Mary Campbell (Vice Chair), Robert McLeish, Charlotte Levy,

    Attending – G Hepburn (SNP Cllr) Lorraine McLaren (Green Party), Lawrence O’Neill (GCC), Elaine Davis (Resident), Tricia Fort (Resident), Sgt Elaine Eaton & PC Julie Orr (Police Scotland), Linda Pike (Election Candidate)

    Derek opened the meeting at 6.05pm and welcomed everyone.



    1. Apologies – Andy Rae, Betty Cosgrove.

    Register taken.


    1. Minutes of meeting held on 9th Feb 2017 for approval

    Cathie Martin proposed these and Mary Campbell seconded these minutes.


    1. Open matters from previous meeting.


    Action point 1.

    – Pauline had contacted the Police re attendance.


    Action point 2.

    Greg has reported all lights that require to be fixed.


    Action point 3.

    Greg updated the meeting on the disused building on Stevenson Street.  Greg has been asked to provide evidence of any activity within the building to the Council, It was highlighted that there would seem to be regular activity on a Thursday and was suggested that the Councils CCTV vans could monitor this.


    Action point 4 &5

    -Cathie, Charlotte, Betty and Greg carried out a walkabout to identify issues in the local community in relation to parking etc.; repairs have been requested for additional street lighting and potholes as well as some yellow lines on London Road. Greg highlighted that the Council has a policy of no free City Centre parking which has created a massive influx of City Centre workers parking in Calton, this raises issues for local residents and emergency services access. Derek suggested that all stakeholders could meet with the Council to discuss issues re parking in the Calton area.


    Action point 6

    Greg provided an update on the 3day music event in Glasgow Green. The organisers want to engage with the local community and want ideas on how the community would benefit from this event. Ways to encourage people to enter the event by directing them through Calton are being looked at. Future meetings will take place the dates have not been set.


    Action point 7.

    David Cairns was unable to attend this meeting in March to provide the presentation that was planned.


    Action point 8.

    Annual accounts have been presented at the meeting in March by Mary McPherson. These were accepted by all community council members.


    Action point 9

    Derek highlighted an assault at a Thenue HA Property where local people believed that the building was being used to house pedophiles. Thenue HA has made a statement to clarify that this is not the case and is mainstream tenancies.


    Action point 10

    Greg reiterated that the no parking zone should include Calton. There have been some discussions re this though Greg will keep us updated. There may be free parking permits for the local community that would be affected. More detail to follow.


    Action Point 11

    NHS contact re Lightburn hospital closure carried forward to next meeting.


    Action point 12

    Ideas for future projects was not discussed


    Action point 13

    Elcho Gardens project carried forward to next meeting.


    4 Police Scotland report.


    Sgt Eaton provided a detailed report on the activity and trends that Police Scotland were addressing in the Calton area.  Due to the confidential nature of this information, the details will not be recorded in this minute.

    At this point, the Police representatives left the meeting.


    5 Cllr Report


    Greg feedback on reports of ponding along London Road along the cycle path, this is being monitored by the Council.


    Free standing bin being installed on Moore street and lighting has been fixed here as well as Green street, Chalmers street and Abercrombie street. After an inspection of the Tobago street play area, there will be some new equipment provided and resurfacing taking place late spring.

    Stevenson street pavement being repaired.


    Greg also informed the meeting that all 3 parties are in agreement that all yellow street lighting will be phased out over the next 5 years and replaced with white lights.


    Glasgow green 3 day event feedback,


    Organisers provided the consultation group with a presentation. Areas discussed were Stewarding, park access, foot fall into Calton, Due to an objection the finishing time on the Friday has been reduced from midnight to 11pm. More meetings to be arranged and a request for ideas on how we can benefit within the local area has been sought to then be presented to the organisers.


    Greg has received requests for dog bins in various locations as well as requests for 2 bins at St Luke’s which will be passed to the Council.


    Lorraine requested an update from Greg on the development of 600 houses for rent at Collegelands, Greg will look into this and provide an update.


    Greg raised the issue of the quality standards of pavement repairs as some have been poorly done. Greg has asked people to let him know if they are aware of any pavement issues.


    1. MP / MSP report


    MP and MSP not in attendance – no report


    7.Treasurer’s report.

    Mary provided the accounts for approval. Money in the bank stands at £1,476.99 – However it was noticed that GCC had paid Admin Allowance twice.

    A cheque was issued to Lawrence then and there and Mary will give updated Account total at next meeting.


    Pauline will provide receipts for the Spirit of Calton Award at next meeting. Mary stated that all cheques for money withdrawal require 2 signatories.


    1. Report on Calton area partnership meeting 22nd Feb 17


    Mary provided feedback on this meeting. Minutes of this meeting will be available on the Community Council Website. Main area of discussion at the meeting was the upgrade of the Boathouse in Glasgow Green. Derek will look into the Spirit of Calton funding to see if we would be able to purchase 10 memberships for the Boathouse for young people in Calton. This would give 10 youths the opportunity to use the Gym and getting rowing lessons. The Boathouse is looking for Volunteers to assist them. People are free to pop in and offer their services.


    1. Secretaries report including license and planning.


    Current planning and Licensing information can be found on the Community Council website. Pauline informed the meeting of current applications-

    May West event 27th May Glasgow Green

    Cancer research walk for life 21st May

    Hoops Bar license amendment

    Pride 19th August Glasgow Green

    Market operators license – Barras

    No objections noted at the meeting.

    1. Report on Community Councils by Lawrence O”Neill ( GCC North East)

    Lawrence gave a brief overview of his role and function in supporting Community Councils on behalf of the Council. The Community Council has a statutory consultative role in Planning and Licensing within the wards and provides a local voice to the Council, shaping and being involved in what happens in the community.


    Lawrence noted that the pre election period starts on the 13th of March, this will not affect any sitting members and the meeting was reminded about election etiquette and sensitivity over this period by Community Councillors must be adhered to and Community Counsellors require to be politically neutral in their role over this period. Community Council social media will be monitored over this period to ensure compliance.


    Any Election Candidate can request to attend Community Council meetings as these are public though they would only attend as an observer.

    4pm on the 29th March is when the Council will have received the papers for potential Candidates for the Local Elections.


    Lawrence advised that there are currently 81 Community Councils in Glasgow out of a potential 101. Community Councils can request a change of name or expand their area to cover other wards than do not have a Community Council or even merge with existing ones.


    The Scheme of Establishment and the Constitution documents are currently being updated for 2017/18. There are Area Partnerships across all 21 wards though this may change after the Local Elections.


    Lawrence provided a document to all in relation to good practice for Community Councils and also highlighted financial planning. The Accounts have to be prepared for the 31st August for these to be presented at the October AGM.

    It was noted that all minutes have to be marked as draft until they are approved at the following meeting,


    Anyone wishing to join the Community Council can do this at the AGM if there are vacancies. People may attend but as observers only they cannot participate in discussion. Lawrence will check the correct number of Community Council members that Calton requires and we have the opportunity to advertise for additional members if needed.


    A register will now be taken at each meeting and if this highlights regular non attendance of a member then the Chair will write to that member to establish the reason, if there is no response then Lawrence would then write to the member. Options of leave of absence will be offered.


    1. Any other competent business.

    Feedback from Elcho gardens will be discussed at the next meeting.

    Everyone to look at the contents of the Calton Community Council website.

    Lorraine informed the meeting that the Fans of Barrowlands Park have drawn up a constitution and this is being checked at present.  A community clean up of the Album walkway has been arranged for 8th April 2017 from 11am to 1pm. A water tank has been arranged and some brushes being supplied by Clean Glasgow. Everyone welcome to assist, Lorraine to provide Derek with information for the website.


    1. Date and time of next meeting 13th April 6pm – 8pm at the Calton Heritage and Learning Centre.


    Meeting closed at 8pm



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