• The next scheduled meeting is on Thursday, 09 February 2017 at 6pm







    Date: Thursday , 09/02/2017

    Venue: Calton Heritage & Learning Centre , 423 London Road, Glasgow

    Start time: 6.00 pm

    Contact:  0768765680


    1. Apologies (to note)
    2. Declaration of interest (to note)
    3. Minutes of meeting held on (for approval)
    4. Matters arrising from meeting of (for approval)
    5. Police Scotland Report  (to note)
    6. Access to good food in Calton (David Cairns) – for information
    7. Councillor’s report (to note)
    8. MSP/MP report (to note)
    9. Treasurers report (infiormation on financial accounts and balances)
    10. feed back from latest Calton Area Partnership meeting on 02/11/2016.)information)
    11. Secretary’s report (Planning applications, Licencing applications and general correspondence)
    12. Update on whats happening locally (parking, 3 day event in Glasgow Green,  derelict buildngs and new builds)
    13. Other Community Council matters (grant  applications, success of Spirit of Calton Grants)
    14. date of next meeting will be Thursday, 09 March 2017  (to note)

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