• application for temporary entertainment licence

    licencingApplication for Temporary Public Entertainment Licence

    Ref: PEL00578

    Applicant:  Rowland Hill 

    Location of Premises:  Glasgow Green, Templeton Street, Glasgow, G40

    Type of Entertainment: 12 Inflatables, 3 stalls and I catering unit

    Saturday 01 April 2017 to Friday 17 April 2017 . 12noon to 6pm

    You must:

    1. specify the grounds of the objection in writing
    2. specify the name and address of the person making it
    3. is signed by that person or on their behalf
    4. lodged with the licencing section in one of the following ways:
    • delived by hand to Licencing Service Desk at 45 John Street, Glasgow no later than Friday 17 March 2017
    • posted to Licencing Services Office (be registered, recorded delivery, or special delivery post) so that in normal course of post  it might be exected to be delivered within the specified time
    • or , By FAX to 0141 287 5357

    It’s the responsibility of the person making the objection or representation to ensure that the licensing Section has received it

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