• Community Food Connection – Food donations for local charities in Glasgow

    firshareCommunity Food Connection  – Food donations for local charities in Glasgow

    Community Food Connection is a new scheme being launched by Tesco in partnership with Fareshare using FoodCloud technology which helps charities and community groups to access the free, unsold, surplus food from a day’s sales at your local Tesco supermarket. 

    Most of the food available are bakery items such as bread, rolls, pastries etc. as well as fresh produce (fruit and veg) and chilled products (for eligible organisations). This food will be nearing or on its Sell By date however it will be of good quality and perfectly safe to be consumed and served to others.

    How it works? 

    1.  You nominate one or more evenings per week you are available to collect surplus food from your local Tesco.

    2.  On those evenings at 7:30pm, you will be notified via text that your donation is available for collection.

    3.  The fresh surplus food will be packaged and available for collection from the store from 8:30pm (or between 7am-10am in morning stores).

    4.  We are happy to say, this will always be a free of charge service to our charity partners.

    The purpose of the scheme is to support groups who use food to benefit those in our communities in food poverty or the vulnerable but to do that safely and effectively, we have some eligibility criteria. 

    1.    Level II Food Hygiene (Elementary) Certificate

    2.    Registration with the Environmental Health Office (food banks and low risk projects exempt).

     FareShare currently redistributes surplus food to over 3,000 charities across the UK, together serving over 20 million meals last year. We want to work with you on this new project to make an even bigger difference to vulnerable people across the UK.

     I will be meeting with the interested charities between 6th-9th February and I would appreciate if you could get back to me so that we could book an appointment to sign you up for the scheme if you’re interested.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


    Ewa Wojtaczka

    FareShare FoodCloud Regional Assistant – Grampian
    Direct Line: 0757 222 8064
    Registered charity number 1100051


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